A Holi Before Holi | Enjoy This Year Too!!!

Its just 2 days to go on for Holi. Let me wish you all a Very HAPPY HOLI.

The topic for my Subject is A Holi Before Holi is because earlier here in Mumbai we used to use and play the game of Holi with Clors, Baloons full of Water, Color and so on but today like just 3 to 4 years i am not able to see the same. Government has taken various steps to avoid the consequences of HOLI. I really hate those guts who intentionally made this Colorful festival for their own selfishness.

When we were child, at least 10 to 15 days early we start playing with Water Pichkari, Baloons and so on. Even on Roads, Gallis and Nakas you can easily find some people throwing the Water filled baloons on Girls, Boys, Mans and Women. What a fun was those. I really enjoyed a lot in my Childhood. But as Coins has 2 sides there is + and – in this Festival. Some people has really made this festival a bad experience for their personal benefits. They do unnecessary exploitation of Ladies, Girls while playing the HOLI.

This is the reason most of ladies hurt-ed with the misuse of this Festival and Govt. has taken a necessary action against the players on the Road. Nowadays we can see a very limited amount of such players in the market.

If everyone support to all and play this game as SAFE then I think we can enjoy a lot of things with this festival.

So please play a SAFE and Honest HOLI this season.

Wishing you a wonderful colors in your LIFE.


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