A very nice post on Darkness!!! Do you Fear? Read This

A very nice post on Darkness!!!

As one scared, there are plenty of people around the world fears from Darkness and it has to be because from the childhood they have got enough feed into their mind about the consequences or bad things affected or caused from dark.

While we were child, we always used to get fear with the Darkness. Our Parents, colleagues and all informed us to stay from Darkness. I recall when we go close to Darkness my colleagues says – Bhoooooot aa jeyaga and so on….

When I grow up I got to know that there is nothing like Darkness on the earth due the nature of SUN it always shines 24 hours so how come we feel that Darkness has its own presence. It’s just a matter of thinking. Due to rotation of Earth days and night comes whilst Light is always there in its supreme form.

This Gyan really helped me a lot to understand the beautiful laws and nature of the earth and world. So never worry with Darkness. Its just exists in our thinking. Feel the Light everywhere and you will get the feeling of Safe and Shine Life…


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