Kavyaansh Tragedy in Kashmir | Kavyaansh Life Struggle For Five Days

The following real life story sometime back i have read on Facebook. I am not sure where it was posted and by which name but after reading the full story I totally cried. The pain, The feelings and the Loss which his Parents had suffered is irreparable. I wish God give them strength and power to bare such pains.

Such incidents may happens with anyone and anywhere so it becomes absolute necessity to take care of your children and family members on outing or traveling or at home too. Please take care of your own and your belongings.

Request you to please read the story for good cause.

Five days to death : My Hero, My Son Kavyaansh

I want to share with All the experience of those five days my son Kavyaansh fought with death. I do not want to preach or advise anybody but only wish even if one person learns or mends his attitude positively from my experience, my son’s fate will have a meaningful impact.

We started for Kashmir on the 18th of May, 2013 for a 17 day trip to end on 03rd June, 2013. I had not taken a decent vacation since the time I moved to India from Oman in January 2012 due to pressing work commitments and hence was very excited for this time off. We planned it for a little more than 2 weeks since the last vacation we had taken was in December 2009 to Shimla and Chandigarh and thought let us take a long vacation since it is not possible for all the family to come together very year. We were 3 families, Myself, my elder brother in law and elder sister in law. Each family had 2 kids, youngest being my 6 month son (second) Rieyansh and eldest being Harsh at 12 years. The planning had started way back in January 2013 since we were skeptical of getting economical travel and accommodation if we started late. The itinerary was being decided by myself and my sister’s elder brother. The earlier plan was to start of with Vaishnodevi and then move to Srinagar, Sonmarg, Pehalgam and Gulmarg but as discussions evolved we decided to drop the Vaishnodevi trip since we were accompanied by 6 kids and thought it would be too much for all of us to climb up and down the Vaishnodevi mountain (was it a mistake, I do not know). The discussion then moved to reaching Srinagar directly and then to the subsequent places. Since the fares of the direct flight were significantly expensive we decided to first reach Amritsar (night halt), then Jammu and ultimately Srinagar. I suggested that after Srinagar, we will go to Sonmarg, Pehalgam and Gulmarg and then come back to Mumbai on Friday 31st May 2013 or Saturday 01st June 2012 so that we can rest for a day or two before resuming routine life from Monday. My brother-in-law suggested that the climate in Kashmir would be very pleasant and instead of returning directly to Mumbai we should again halt at Srinagar for a couple of days just to rest and relax without any hectic travel schedule since we would already have completed our Srinagar sight seeing during our initial stay at Srinagar. We agreed on the itinerary and started booking hotels and flights. Almost all our hotel bookings were through the JKTDC website. We completed our bookings and were anxiously waiting for our journey to start.

When we reached Srinagar on 21st May 2013, the climate was perfect. Especially after braving the scorching heat at Amritsar. We visited the Jalianwala Bagh and the Golden temple, but unfortunately we could not visit the main Gurudwara at the Golden temple due to long queue. On reaching Hotel Heemal (the hotel where Kavyaansh fell) (JKTDC esatablishment) in Srinagar, we were told that the rooms were unavailable since there had been a short circuit in atleast 10 rooms. We complained that we had booked the rooms 4 months in advance and had nowhere to go. The Hotel manager said that they would be arranging alternative accommodation but the same was 15-20 minutes drive from Hotel Heemal. We resisted and my brother in law smelled a rat and asked the manager to show the rooms where the short circuit has taken place and suggested that we would stay in the hotel no matter the condition of the rooms. After 2 hours of protest we ultimately had to move to the alternative accommodation. We came to know later that the government officials had occupied the rooms, Srinagar being the summer capital and hence some of the guests were being turned away to alternative accommodation. We moved to the alternative accommodation only on one condition that our subsequent bookings at Hotel Heemal (May 23, 2013 and from May 29 to May 31 – my Son fell from the hotel on May 31) be honoured and we would not agree to such change in the accommodation. The hotel manager and the JKTDC manager, Mr Khurshid assured us that there would be no problem in future. On coming back to Srinagar on May 23, after visiting Sonmarg, we were welcomed warmly by the Hotel Heemal officials and were told that since we had to face hardship earlier they would allow us the super deluxe room instead of the deluxe room which we had booked. We were happy and moved to the 3 rooms on the first floor. We just had a one night stay on May 23, since we were supposed to leave for Pehalgam and Gulmarg on the next day (May 24). After completing our journey we again checked in at Hotel Heemal on May 29. We were again given super deluxe rooms instead of the deluxe rooms as a matter of good gesture for the earlier mistake of the Hotel administration. But this time the rooms were on the 3rd floor. The lift was not working and we somehow managed to reach the 3rd floor with our excessive luggage from help of the hotel boys. All the rooms of Hotel Heemal face the Dal lake but the rooms on the higher floors had a clear view of the Dal lake. On reaching our rooms, my elder sister-in-law said that the earlier room on the first floor was better since we did no have to climb so much. My elder sisters husband and my wife’s brother mentioned that the view was great from the 3rd floor instead of the first floor. I suggested that we may speak with the Hotel manager and find out if the rooms were available on the first floor. But all this was casual talk and nothing serious and we did not even think in our wildest thoughts that the children’s safety would also be a parameter to be considered.

We had taken our food stuff along with us, dal, rice, salt etc. and managed to cook food ourselves wherever we could. The female folk had started complaining, though playfully, that they do not find any difference in being at home or on vacation since they are still cooking. Fortunately or unfortunately, there was a Marwadi bhojnalaya just adjacent to Hotel Heemal which served authentic and simple Marwadi food. The owners of the bhojnalaya had become pally with us and to our surprise he also was from Jodhpur (our native town). He obliged us and we requested him to make Dal Bati for us on the night of May 30, 2013. We ate our hearts out on that night. Dal Bati is essentially loaded with ghee and a person who does not regularly has this stuff may end up getting sick due to the rich content. The same happened with me.

DAY 1 (May 31, 2013) : Since morning I was having loose motions and was vomiting. I do not recollect vomiting in the last 12 years of my life but something was not right on that day. I was resting in my room and my wife had gone to the adjacent room (my brother-in-laws) to allow me to rest peacefully. All the kids were playing in the corridor and were moving in and out of all the 3 rooms. Kavyaansh and Harsh (my elder sister in law’s elder son, aged 12 were fighting over the bubbles made from liquid soap. Only Kavyaansh had taken out his bubbles toy. I went outside and managed to resolve the fight. Kavyaansh was unable to blow the bubbles as there was some problem with his blower pipe. I fixed the same and he was very happy. I again came back to my room and rested. This was around 11.30 – 12 pm. After a while, both again started fighting. I called Kavyaansh into my room and scolded him and asked him to leave the entire bubbles setup in the room. He said innocently to me that he will share the same with his elder brother. I said no and asked him to leave the room. After this both Kavyaansh and Ananya (my brother in laws elder daughter, aged 4 years) were playing with the soap as a phone in the adjacent room. After a while, children started shouting that Kunu has fallen. On hearing this we all ran outside. I jumped from my bed and shot towards the corridor. On hearing this for the first time, I thought that Kavyaansh would have fallen in the corridor while running and was worried if he had any scratches. He was very particular about his injuries and always kept showing to each and every person.Sometimes, even after healing. When I reached the corridor, I could not see Kavyaansh. I could see my brother-in-law running towards the staircase and shouting that Kunu has fallen. For a brief moment I said to myself that this is not possible. I looked over the window and saw Kavyaansh lying face down on the ground. For a moment, my entire body trembled as if something was cutting me into pieces. He was so far. A thousand thoughts crossed my mind. I darted towards the staircase and within 10 seconds was on the groundfloor. During these 10 seconds, I thought whether he was alive, what about his skull, he would have many fractures, god please keep his brain intact, hope the eyes are safe.will be be conscious, hope he should not loose blood, what pain he would have suffered falling from such a height. As soon as I reached the groundfloor, my brother in law had Kavyaansh in his arms. His frontal lobes of the skull were depressed and his eyes appeared to be swollen. It appeared that the impact on the skull had pushed the eyeballs. He was bleeding though not profusely from his ears and nose. He was conscious though not opening his eyes. We ran to the frontyard shouting for ambulance or any car. A local resident pulled out his car and rushed us to the nearby children’s hospital which was around 6-7 kilometers away. It took us around 15-20 minutes to reach the hospital. I do not really remember the exact time taken. On the way we (me, my wife and his elder brother) were trying to talk to Kavyaansh only fearing that we do not lose him on the way. I kept looking at his stomach on whether he was breathing or not. He moved occasionally and made sounds. He placed his hands on his left thigh. When we looked at his jeans pant it had a hole and on looking through it we found that his thigh has a serious injury and the flesh was out. (later we came to know that the due to the impact his thigh bone had broken and tore apart the flesh and the jeans pant). On our way we faced numerous roadblocks in terms of people not giving us way. My brother in law used to get out of the car now and then to shout at the public and make them aware that we were carrying somebody critically injured. The person who was taking us to the hospital kept saying that we will reach in 2 minutes. All this while I looked sometimes at my wife and my Kavyaansh and was unable to make sense out of the situation and was praying to god that this be a just a bad dream and I will just wake up. But this was actually happening with us. Sapna was crying inconsolably and I could not control myself while calling out continuously at Kavyaansh. We could not hold him too tightly fearing that he would be pained die to the injuries. We reached the children’s hospital. I and my brother in law shouted for a stretcher and put Kavyaansh on it and took him to the emergency ward. It seemed to be a government establishment and we were shouting and begging for the nurses to see the patient and call for the doctor. The public had gathered around us and started questioning us on the reason of the accident. We did not have any words for them. The doctor came in after 5-10 minutes and said that we should move him to SKIMS (Sher e Kashmir institute of medical sciences) since the case was critical. Some nurse put a drip for Kavyaansh and we again rushed outside into the ambulance. Once into the ambulance we realized that the needle had come out of Kavyaansh’s wrist and the liquid was flowing onto the floor of the ambulance. By that time the ambulance had started. SKIMS was almost around 15 kms from the children’s hospital and the driver did a very good job in taking us there in 20-25 minutes. All this while Kavyaansh was losing blood but not profusely. When we reached SKIMS we immediately took him to the emergency operation theatre on the ground floor. SKIMS has a gigantic building and it took us a while to reach the OT from the ambulance. There was another operation going on in the adjacent room. We were allowed inside the waiting room outside the OT. The doctors arrived to look at Kavyaansh and we were asked to wait. In the meantime my sister-in laws husband also arrived and both Sapna’s brother and he got involved in the hospital paper work. I and Sapna were waiting outside the operation theatre and were helpless. We waited for almost half an hour. The doctor came outside and said that the blood is required from the blood bank which is on the first floor. I ran to the blood bank and requested the same. In the meantime, both my Sapna’s elder brother and Jijaji joined me. We were asked to donate blood. All of us donated blood. Since I was not feeling well that day after donating blood I felt very weak. After this, we rushed again to the operation theatre to learn that Kavyaansh has been sent for CT scan. We rushed to the CT scan room and I could see his skull images on the monitor. I asked the doctor and he said that the brain seems to be intact though he has multiple skull fractures. The major fracture was above his left eye of almost an inch. The senior neurosurgeon said that he had to be put on the ventilator and shifted to the ICU. We took him to the ICU which was on the 2nd floor. All the while Sapna kept saying that Kavyaansh was bleeding from the mouth. Told her that since it is such a serious injury it is bound to bleed. I also told her that the doctors must have released him room the operation theatre after ensuring that it is safe to release him. When the nurses and the ICU staff put Kavyaansh on the bed in the ICU he started bleeding profusely from the mouth. The doctor at the ICU told us that why did we bring him to the ICU if he was bleeding so much. I told him that it is not our decision but the doctors at the emergency operation theatre had asked us to shift him to the ICU. The nurse asked us to get more blood from the blood bank which was on the 1st floor. We ran to the blood bank. The person at the blood bank told us that he wants the original slip. I told him whatever I had handed over to him was given by the nurse at the ICU. He still insisted that he would not release the blood unless the slip was given. I begged of him and cried in front of him to give me blood since Kavyaansh was loosing profusely. After seeing my plight, the person at the counter gave me one unit of blood. I immediately rushed to the ICU and handed the same to the nurse. I could see that number of doctors and nurses had gathered around Kavyaansh and were trying to push cotton in his mouth to stop the bleeding. Almost after half an hour they managed to control the profuse bleeding. Also the doctor inserted the air pipe of the ventilator through his mouth into his lungs and put him on double support for blood pressure. The doctors said that the condition was critical and the next 24 hours would be very important because generally it takes time for brain injuries to surface. Kavyaansh was still bleeding through his mouth though not profusely. We could see the bed sheet turning red and number of cotton packs being used to soak up all the blood which was coming out. All this while Sapna was out of the ICU. When I went out she begged of me to take her to Kavyaansh. My Jijaji and brother in law both tried to consol her and convince her not to see Kavyaansh but she was adamant. I took her to Kavyaansh and she could not control herself. Kavyaansh face had swollen partially because of the injuries and partially because of his mouth being filled with all the cotton. The time was around 3.30 – 4 pm. We sent Sapna back to the hotel where all the ladies and children were put up. I kept on asking the doctors and the nurses on his condition but every body maintained that it was critical. Then we called up our families to break the sad news to them. My father and father-in-law decided to reach Srinagar as soon as possible but the next available flight was only on the next day i.e June 01, 2013. They also made inquiries on the air ambulance and the entire procedure of booking the same and by evening they were in a position to complete all the formalities. Back in Srinagar, I, Jijaji and brother-in law were taking turns to sit besides Kavyaansh. The ventilator had 2 screens, one screen showed the percentage of oxygen which was being pumped in the lungs and the other screen showed the heartbeat rate and absorption rate. We asked the doctors and nurses of the ranges in which all the displayed parameters should be and for not even a single moment till the time he passed away on June 04, 2013 that we lost view of the same. The nurses kept asking us to get medicines and prescribed the same on the request form. SKIMS is located on the outskirts of Srinagar and it is difficult to get medicines if the same is not available either in the pharmacy within the hospital or in the few medical stores which were located near the hospital. One such medicine prescribed was Hypertonic saline 3%. My brother in law first checked at the hospital pharmacy and it was unavailable. Then he checked at all the medical stores within 3-4 kms of the radius of the hospital but he was told that this would only be available at the hospital. He cam back empty handed and we told the nurse that the medicine was unavailable. The nurse said that if we are unable to get 3% we can also check for 1.6 or 1.8. We again checked at all the medical stores and we could not get the same. Till this time we were not told about the importance of the medicine. The doctors and nurses in the ICU have an 8-9 hour shift after which a new set arrives. The doctor who arrived later told us that he would try to get the medicine from the neurology department was not sure if they had any. He told us, on questioning, that the medicine is required to reduce the swelling of the brain and was important and only then we realized that the medicine was so very important. It was night by then. Kavyaansh was unconscious all this while and I tried to speak with him and started talking to him not knowing whether he could hear me or whether anything was being registered in his mind. That night, I, Jijaji and brother in law took turns at every 2 hours to sit besides Kavyaansh. He stopped bleeding somewhere at around 9-10 pm at night almost after 6-7 hours of moving into the ICU and we were happy to see this positive sign. We came to know how he had fallen. The windows at the Heemal hotel areat a height of 3-4 feet and it is difficult for children to climb. Some hotel staff had placed 3-4 beds in the corridor. Kavyaansh always loved to jump from things. He climbed on the bed and then onto the railing. IT had 3 windows. 2 windows were closed. The 3rd was open. He took the support of the 1st window then the 2nd window and walked. Coming to the 3rd window, he fell down. The hotel does not have any railings/grills on the window. If they had any railing or some cover, my son would be alive today. The police came to us asking whether we wanted to lodge any complaint against the hotel. I told them that we just want to our son to be safe. We told the police that we do not want to file any complaint against the hotel but asked them to tell the Hotel Management to put grills around the windows and remind the hotel staff not to put beds carelessly in the corridor. People generally vacation with their family and it is bound to happen that children will play in the corridors. Safety measures have to put in place by the hotel.

DAY 2 (June 01, 2013): Throughout the night Kavyaansh was passing normal urine. Dr Hanif (I do not recollect all the names of the doctors and nurses but Dr Hanif was an angel to us) said that Kavyaansh was on 2 supports for blood pressure and when he was brought to the ICU yesterday he had lost almost 80% of his blood. Till this time he was continuously being given blood. The staff at the blood bank and almost the entire hospital by this time knew about the tragic incident. We did not know people around but people knew us. There were 50 people willing to donate blood for Kavyaansh. Many came asking us whether we required money, blood, clothes, food etc and it was then we realized how Kashmiris are. I have not come across such good people in my entire life who come forward to help in any manner possible. The doctor asked us whether we could manage to get the 3% solution. We told him no. My brother in law again went to the hospital pharmacy and enquired about the medicine but to no avail. All this time one man was noticing my brother in law and asked him what medicine we required. My brother in law told him of the requirement and the man asked him to wait for half an hour. He said that he cannot get 3% but he would manage to get 1.6%. These solutions are in the form of injections to give you an idea of the quantity which has to be administered. Within half an hour that man got one litre of the medicine and handed over to my brother –in law. He asked the man of the cost for the same. We could have given any amount he desired but to our surprise he said that he does not even want a rupee. We gave the medicine at the ICU. IN the meantime I also asked my father who had started for the airport to get the 3% medicine from Mumbai. He was supposed to reach Srinagar by 2.2.30 pm. The doctors said that in case we are getting 3% they would not administer 1.6% and wait till the medicine arrived. Dr Hanif told us that the urine output of Kavyaansh was normal which showed that the kidneys were functioning normally Generally when the body loses so much blood and the blood pressure drops there is a possibility of blood not being supplied to vital organs leading to multiple organ failure which was not the case for Kavyaansh. We heaved a sigh of relief. By that time Kavyaansh had completed 24 hours. But the swelling seemed to increase and his face was bloated. My father and father in law arrived at the hospital at 2.30 pm.When my father saw Kavyaansh he could not control himself and broke into tears. From the time we informed our relatives all of us were continuously getting calls from everybody. We also managed to get contacts of some important of highly placed officials in the government and we requested to them to speak with senior people at the Hospital to look into the case. One senior neurosurgeon came to see Kavyaansh in the afternoon, believe this was the result of our escalation. My father-in-law asked him of Kavyaansh’s condition and the neurosurgeon said that he was still critical. He also enquired whether we could shift him to Mumbai. The neurosurgeon replied that the treatment which was being given was at par with the treatment which would be given at Mumbai or for that matter US. My father in law said that if the condition of the patient is to remain the same then we would prefer him to be at Mumbai since we know people and places around in Mumbai. The neurosurgeon said that the transfer is risk prone but can be done. My father-in-law asked when can we transfer him. The neurosurgeon replied that as soon as possible. My Father and father in law immediately got into action and got in touch with the air ambulance company in Mumbai. I asked my father that have we ensured that both the doctors, one at the hospital and one from the air ambulance have spoken with each other to understand the situation. My father said that a call has been arranged and they both will speak. This was around 3-3,30 pm and the 3% medicine was given to Kavyaansh. This medicine was to be given at 8 hourly intervals. In the morning Dr Hanif had asked me if I had something for breakfast. I said no and he took me to the hospital canteen. At the canteen, I asked him to give me a frank opinion on Kavyaansh. He said that when he was brought yesterday, he was not hopeful for him to survive beyond 24 hours. But since 24 hours had already gone by he was now 50% hopeful that he may survive. Also, since the urine output was more than normal indicated that he his body was responding to the medicine. I asked him about his brain injuries. He informed me that his brain may or may not be damaged which only the 2nd CT scan will tell, but the base of his skull was smashed. He said that this sort of a fracture does not require any plaster and it heals with time with the bones at the base of the skull automatically moving into position. The only problem was the damage done at the time of impact i.e at the time when he fell. All the nerves from the brain to the body pass through the base of the skull and only time will tell how much is damaged. During the day we kept a watch on his vitals which were appearing on the screen. I made sure that all the readings of his blood pressure, his urine output was being noted correctly by the nurses in the files kept for him. I, my bother in law and my jijaji kept reading the hanuman chalisa throughout. I also used to read the gayatri mantra to him. Whenever I touched his body it was always cold and we used to cover him with the bedsheet and then the blanket. At 10 pm the shifts of the doctors and the nurses changed. At 11.30 pm, I reminded the nurse on duty to give the 3% medicine to Kavyaansh. She said that she has given all the medicines as per the file. I removed the 3% injection and told her if she has given that. She said no and said that she needs to ask the doctor. I showed her the file and told her that the medicine was given at 3.30 pm with a comment that it has to be repeated every 8 hours. On realizing the mistake and consulting the doctor, the 2nd dose was given to Kavyaansh. This was one of the problems where the shift changed and proper handover was not done. We always thought to ourselves that what would have happened if this one does was missed out. During the day we had decided that the air ambulance would reach at 8 in the morning the next day. It will take around 5 hours for the flight to reach Mumbai and then move him to a Hinduja hospital. Since only two relatives could travel in the air ambulance it was decided that my Father and my father-in-law should go along with Kavyaansh. I and Sapna were to board the 2 pm flight and reach Mumbai by 5-5.30. All the other relatives were to follow.

DAY 3 (June 02, 2013): In the morning we were all geared up. The doctors had made all the arrangements, in terms of administrative formalities of discharge papers, etc. The Air ambulance flight landed at around 9-9.30 am. My father in law had gone alongwith the hospital ambulance. Generally air ambulances have a portable ventilator which is battery operated. The plan was to get the portable ventilator into the ambulance, bring it to the hospital, move Kavyaansh along with the blood pressure support and on manual ambu from the second floor to the ground floor and into the ambulance. In the ambulance, and till we reached Mumbai, Kavyaansh would be on the battery operated ventilators. From the time the flight landed, we were anxiously waiting for the air-ambulance doctors to arrive at the hospital and take Kavyaansh. At around 10-10.30, they reached the hospital. The air-ambulance doctor seemed to be young. He immediately took stock of the situation and asked the doctors and the nurses about Kavyaansh’s situation. He examined Kavyaansh. He seemed to be in a hurry. He immediately told us that his pupils were fully dilated and non-reacting. We asked him what does that mean. He said that he is brain-dead. He further said that if he had known of this he would not have come. We told him that the SKIMS doctor had already updated him of the situation the day-before and how could this be possible. The SKIMS doctor was also present and said that Kavyaansh’s pupils are semi-dilated and semi-reacting. It was a scene as no doctor was ready to own the situation. The air ambulance doctor said that he would proceed with taking Kavyaansh only if we sign a consent form stating that in case anything happens during the transfer the doctor would not be responsible. We did that. He further said that he wants to speak with the doctor at the hinduja hospital to seek his advice and only if he says yes, will proceed with the transfer. The doctor to whom my father in law had interacted before coming to Srinagar was not reachable on his mobile. We tried calling at the Hinduja hospital landline but to no avail as it was a Sunday. The operators picked up the phone but we could not reach the doctor. Time was running by. Ultimately we called the neurosurgeon who had operated on my father for brain-tumour in 2007. He picked up the phone. For him, Kavyaansh was a totally new case and he did not know the head and tail of it. My father briefed him about the situation and handed over the phone to the air ambulance who spoke in technical detail. The neurosurgeon again spoke with my father and said that whatever chance we have to keep Kavyaansh alive, let us not lose out on that by taking the risk of transferring him to Mumbai. Now it was a decision time for us. At one hand we are at a place where we did not know anybody, even medicines were difficult to find and on the other hand was the risk of transferring Kavyaansh to Mumbai. We decided to do away with the plan of transferring him to Mumbai and let him stay at SKIMS and after he stabilizes to again think of moving him to Mumbai. The air ambulance had taken the entire payment of 9 lacs in advance. But were in no mood to fight or think of the same as we just wanted our child to be safe. The air ambulance took off for Mumbai. Then started the long wait till Kavyaansh showed some positive sign. We were at his side throughout monitoring the vitals on the ventilator screens. Till this point in time we used to sleep in the corridors of the hospital. Since SKIMS was on the outskirts of Srinagar it was difficult to find a hotel where we would stay. Luckily because of some good contact of my ex-colleague we could manage to get a room in the hospital itself just near the ICU. During the day we came to know the because of the 3% medicine given to Kavyaansh, the sodium in his body had increased beyond normal. The doctors stopped giving him 3% medicine. In case the sodium showed continuous increase it could damage his kidneys. It was a catch 22 situation, on one hand the medicine was required to reduce the swelling of the brain and on the other hand giving him the medicine would increase the sodium in his body. The doctors were monitoring the sodium every 2-3 hours through blood tests. We also came to know that since almost all the blood in his body was transfused, his blood clotting power had reduced to 25%. Therefore the doctors were also giving him platelets (I am not sure if I have got the terminology right here). The liquid given to him was yellowish in nature and was released through the drip. The coagulation factor (the measure which shows the clotting capacity of blood) was around 2 INR. The normal range is around 1 INR. As I sat near him through the day I used to tell him to get up fast so that we could go on the activa on Sunday and get some ‘fafda and jalebi’. He used to like jalebi a lot and loved to come with me on the scooter. I used to talk to him just hoping somewhere it will register in his mind and he may show some sign of recovery. The doctors had also inserted a needle through his neck to administer critical medicines.

DAY 4 (June 03, 2013): The sodium level was still high. Now we had an additional problem, his blood sugar levels had also shot up. It was around 300. The doctors had started given him insulin. The blood was being checked every hour to monitor his blood sugar levels. Some of the nurses were lax in their attitude and we had to remind them of the time when the test was to be done. Simultaneously, the coagulation factor had reached 1.80 INR. the head of the ICU who used to come on rounds every morning came today. He checked Kavyaansh and said that he was critical. At the hospital, there were two kinds of doctors and nurses. One who had given up and always felt that nothing much could be done. The other set felt for Kavyaansh as their own child and were always hopeful. when we used to wait outside the ICU rooms, we spoke with the relatives of other patients in the ICU. All of them were locals and they used to tell us that the ICU room was a miracle room and that there were many such cases in the past where the doctors had given up but the patients emerged as winners. We were pepped on this thought and also that Kavyaansh was just 4.5 years old and that young children generally bounced back fast once they start recovering. But the problem with Kavyaansh was that he was not showing any such positive sign. The head of the ICU said that the cotton that was stuffed in his mouth had to be removed, because such a packing should not continue beyond a few days because it may lead to infection. The ICU head called for the plactic surgery doctors. The doctors came and it was decided that the pack would be removed tomorrow but the blood sugar levels and the coagulation factors should be in control. The entire day went in checking the blood sugar levels, sodium and the coagulation factors. The blood sugar was very erratic. IT went up and down. Kavyaansh was continuously given insulin. At night around 4 am, I noticed that his heartbeat was dropping and the BP was going down. I also noticed that the oxygen level in the ventilator had dropped to 70% instead of the required 95%. I immediately informed the nurses. They noticed that the ventilator had a problem and they changed the ventilator. Since then Kavyaanshs heartbeat did not return to normal. The lung absorption rate which should be above 90 was around 70. we monitored till morning. We kept asking the doctors about the same but were told to be calm as they said that it was not a problem.

DAY 5 (June 04, 2013): IN the morning, when the head of ICU came for visit, he said that since the ventilator pipe was inserted in through the mouth, they could not suck out extra saliva which may remained in this chest. This was resulting in the pipe to get chocked resulting in a low air provision to Kavyaansh. He also said that the packing in his mouth also had to be removed soon. He suggested that a hole would be made in his throat though which the air would pass and suction would be made. By this time, the edema (swelling in his brain) had increased so much that his left eye was almost pushed out. The ICU head called for the eye specialists. When they came, they suggested that the left eye may have to be removed, since generally infection in one eye may spread to the other eye. They suggested that we will wait for some time before taking the decision. In the meantime, Kavyaansh was being transfused with white blood in order to increase the coagulation factor. He was supposed to be taken to the operation theatre at around 10-11 am, but due to some emergency case his turn came only at around 2-2.30 pm. The doctors asked us to sign an undertaking wherein the doctors and the hospital would not be responsible in case anything happens to Kavyaansh. He was put on the stretcher and the nurse was pumping through the manual ambu. The operation theatre was on the first floor, we took Kavyaansh through the patient lift to the operation theatre and were asked to wait outside. We waited outside for 15 minutes. Those were the longest 15 minutes of my life. After 15 minutes, Dr Hanif called us into the corridor of the operation theatre. There the Head of the ICU alongwith a senior nurse were also present. He told us that they have started the procedure but Kavyaansh suffered two cardiac arrests. We burst into tears. I asked the doctor to tell me the truth and whether he was alive or not. He said that the condition is very critical but he is still breathing. They asked us to wait outside. After 15 minutes, he was brought out. We took him to the ICU. Immediately on placing him on the bed the doctors and nurses staring running around. We were told that he suffered the 3rd cardiac arrest. They put him on the ventilator machine. His heartbeat revived but again went down. They gave him CPR for the first time. He again revived for some seconds. After giving the CPR for the second time, the nurse told us that he could not be revived. I could not control myself and ran towards him, called him thinking if my voice can bring him to life. I hugged him, shook him, but I had lost him. His body was cold. My mind was flush with memories. The first time my wife told me when she was pregnant, our visits to the doctor, the sonographies, his birth. The first time when I took him in my hands, his homecoming, his laughter when he was small, the first time he walked, the first time he went to school, his participation in the annual day dances at school, his fascination with mobile games, his love for playing in water etc,etc,etc,……………..I will never be able to put everything in writing that I felt during those 5 days. I have learnt many lessons:
1) Always keep an eye on your children, people would think it is a given thing. Especially if it a new place you are visiting.
2) Always have more than one child. This is a very personal decision and it depends on individuals circumstances and wishes. But we always look upto our relatives in case of problem or difficulties. They are our support system. Thinks about your child when he grows up.
3) Never take things for granted. Why wait to realize the importance only when things are lost
4) Love as much as you can, Life is very small for hating anybody.

I urge you to share my above experience with as many people as you can.

Kavyaansh…my baby…will never forget you. Salute you for enduring death for 5 days…..


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